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To go from Kathmandu to Barathpur (4 options):
1) Direct flights from Kathmandu to Barathpur every day. 30 minutes.
2) Tourist bus from Kathmandu to Bharatpur. 5 hours.
3) Rent a car with personal driver all the way to Shanta Ghar. 7 hours.
4) Express bus directly from Kathmandu to Shanta Ghar. 7 hours.
This is also possible from Pokhara, except flights.
All of these options can easily be arranged with any travel agent in Kathmandu.
To go from Barathpur to Shanta Ghar:
1) Local Bus from Barathpur Bus Park. 2 hours. All busdrivers know where Shanta Ghar is.
2) We can also arrange to pick you by car. This has to be arranged with us in good time ahead.
Shanta Ghar is located in Madi inside Chitwan National Park. The name of the village is Tamta Bazar. To enter Madi you have to cross the jungle. The jungle will close at 9 in the evening to protect the wild animals.
If you any problem or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Ayodhhyapuri 7 ,Tamta Bazaar,
    Madi, Chitwan, Nepal
    Hari Paudel, Manager : 977 - 9845052414
    Lasse Hannestad: 0047- 97601834
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Shanta Ghar (Peace Home) is a rustic and beautiful resort in the heart of Chitwan National Park. The most preserved jungle area in Nepal. Shanta Ghar is located in Madi, a peaceful non-tourist area surrounded by jungle with a rich wild life of elephants, tigers, bears, rhinos and a colourful bird life.

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