Shanta Ghar (Peace Home), is a rustic and natural guesthouse in the heart of Chitwan National Park. It is situated in the beautiful valley of Madi, 50 km from the Indian border.

It is a very remote and peaceful non-tourist area surrounded by jungle with a rich wildlife of elephants, tigers, bears, rhinos and a colourful bird life.

The main house is made of the famous Sal wood and is handmade by local carpenters in the old Nepali traditional way. The house has a surrounding balcony and all rooms have French-style doors.

We have a big beautiful garden that is perfect for chilling out - from sunrise to sunset.

Shanta Ghar also has a building specifically made for activities and group meetings of different kind such as yoga, meditiation and culture activities. This house has three round rooms made of stone.

Shanta Ghar is a family run resort with a real homestay feeling. From the farm we can deliver daily fresh products like milk, eggs, vegetables, rice and meat.

Shanta Ghar is the perfect place for people who are looking for the real Nepal, and a stay at Shanta Ghar will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

Shanta Ghar is located in the tiny and friendly village Tamta Bazaar. It has two schools, a few shops and a temple. Nearby villages is easy to visit by bicycle or local bus.

We warmly welcome you to Shanta Ghar!